You can configure nuxt-seo with the seo property in your nuxt.config.js.

Default options

export default {
  seo: {
    // My custom configuration
    baseUrl: 'https://domain',
    name: '<name of site>',
    title: '<title default>',
    templateTitle: '%name% - %title%',
    description: '<description default>',
    canonical: 'auto',
    isForcedTrailingSlash: false

Since these options are commonly set for every site, this configuration is considered the "default".

Check out the explanation of each of these basic options

Global default options

The options set vie the seo property in your nuxt.config.js file will be automatically added to every page.

Your global default options may also overridden or removed while setting each page specific options. See Usage for more details on page specific options.

Common "global" default options include:

  • meta tags for every page, and their values (e.g. title, description, keywords, etc)
  • social media handles (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • author tags and "humans.txt"

All options

For the full explanation of each available option:

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