Basic Options

You can configure your global options with the seo property in your nuxt.config.js

You may also set page specific options via the Nuxt head or asyncData methods.

export default {
  seo: {
    // Your custom configuration
    baseUrl: 'https://domain',
    name: '<name of site>',
    title: '<title default>',
    templateTitle: '%name% - %title%',
    description: '<description default>',
    canonical: 'auto',
    isForcedTrailingSlash: false



Your website's base url (e.g. This will automatically prefix all generated canonical urls.

  • Default: ``
  • Type: String


The name of your website or Nuxt app

  • Default: false
  • Type: String


The specifc title for the individual page being loaded

  • Default: Title
  • Type: String


Simple string template to dynamically set the page <title>

  • Default: %title%
  • Type: String

Supported template variables:

  • %title%: will be replaced with $seo.title
  • %name%: will be replaced with $


  seo: {
    name: 'My Site',
    title: 'Home page',
    templateTitle: '%name% - %title%'

Result: My Site - Home page


Meta description for the page

  • Default: false
  • Type: String


Meta keywords for the page

  • Default: []
  • Type: String || Array[...keywords]


Set the canonical url for the page

  • Default: auto
  • Type: String
When set to `auto`, the page canonical url will automatically generate according to the route.


Allows forcing a trailing slash in the canonical url

  • Default: true
  • Type: Boolean


Set the author meta tag of the website, or a specific page.

  • Default: false
  • Type: String || Array[name, email || site]
You can read more about the "author meta tag" on

String example

  seo: {
    author: 'Nick Frostbutter'

Resultant meta tag:

<meta data-hid="author" key="author" property="author" name="author" content="Nick Frostbutter">


Set the default character set for your website

  • Default: utf-8
  • Type: String


Set the short version of your website's language. Used together with language

  • Default: en
  • Type: String


Set the full text version of your website's language. Used together with lang

  • Default: English
  • Type: String

Social options

The nuxt-seo module has default support for several standards for embedding rich content on social media platforms.


The page url used while sharing your page on social media platforms.

  • Default: false
  • Type: URL String

openGraph.url default

When set, this url value will become the default for the openGraph.url option. See OpenGraph options for more details.


The image used while sharing your page on social media platforms.

  • Default: false
  • Type: URL String

openGraph.image default

When set, this image value will become the default for the openGraph.image option. See OpenGraph options for more details.


See the OpenGraph specific options


See the Twitter specific options

More options

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