You can configure your global OpenGraph options within the seo property in your nuxt.config.js

You may also set page specific OpenGraph options via the Nuxt head or asyncData methods.

In general, most website will want to set some specific default OpenGraph options in the nuxt.config.js file. Then set page specific options, like title and description.

For most websites, these values will likely change for each page.

OpenGraph Resources

Read about the OpenGraph protocol on the official website.

Test your OpenGraph Data

Ensuring your OpenGraph SEO settings are correctly configured is important. Without doing so, your website's social media posts may not show up properly in feeds.

General Options

All OpenGraph options can be accessed via the seo.openGraph or seo.og properties.

export default {
  seo: {
    openGraph: {
      site: '@nickfrosty', 
      creator: '@nickfrosty',
      card: '', 
      type: '', 
      title: '', 
      description: '', 


The website's name to be displayed via the OpenGraph protocol

  • Default: value set by
  • Type: String


The specific page title to be displayed via the OpenGraph protocol

  • Default: value set by seo.title
  • Type: String


The specific page description to be displayed via the OpenGraph protocol

  • Default: value set by seo.description
  • Type: String


The page url used while sharing your page on social media platforms.

  • Default: value set by seo.url
  • Type: URL String


The local code used by your website

  • Default: value set by seo.lang
  • Type: String


The string type of primary content on the page

  • Default: false
  • Type: String

OpenGraph supports many different content types. And depending on the type selected, other data may be required. Some examples of types are listed below. This list is not all inclusive:

You can read more about OpenGraph types on their website

Image Options

The OpenGraph protocol supports setting an "image" property for the page.

This can be set using the seo.openGraph.image property. Usually set for each specific page, but you can also set your default image options in the global seo property in nuxt.config.js

`seo.openGraph.images` is an alias of `seo.openGraph.image`
  export default {
    head({ $seo }) {
      return $seo({
        openGraph: {
          image: {
            url: 'https://domain/img.png',
            alt: 'alt text for the image',
            width: '200',
            height: '150',


  • Default: ``
  • Type: String


  • Default: ``
  • Type: String


  • Default: true
  • Type: Boolean


  • Default: NULL
  • Type: String


  • Default: NULL
  • Type: String
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